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Is your dog jumping, pulling, barking, bolding, reacting and just not listening to you? We can help! We have transformed hundreds of Colorado dogs from unruly furry monsters into well-behaved family pets.

We specialize in private lessons, never groups. Just you, your dog, and our certified trainer.

Not happy after your first Basic Obedience training session? Get a full refund.

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Locations in Denver and Colorado Springs

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Board & Train

We were referred and enrolled our Malinois/Pit mix because we were struggling with his recall and getting him to listen in public, plus he was a fence jumper. Nick did an amazing job working with him and really listened to our concerns and worked through those with our pup. After the 2 week broad and train, our pup returned well behaved and happy! He is no longer jumping the fence and we’re able to walk out in public off leash!! Thanks Nick and team!!

Jacque A.

Basic Obedience

My 2 year old German shepherd was a bit of a handful! She was a ball of energy and listened only when she felt like it. After completing the four week obedience training, she is much more calm and attentive. I can take her on walks without being dragged down the street! Awesome foundation to continue to build more training off of. Thank you!!

Alexandra R.

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We Can Help You With

  • On & Off Leash Obedience
  • Basic Commands (sit, stay, lay down, come, etc)
  • Aggression
  • Human Interaction
  • Dog to Dog Interaction
  • Heal, Stop and “Off” Commands
  • Attention & Distraction Control
  • Jumping & Growling
  • Excessive Barking
  • Puppy Training & House Breaking
  • Disability & Confidence Issues
  • And much more…

FREE Initial Training Consultation

Bring your dog to a free, private consultation with one of our certified trainers at one of our Off Leash K9 Training locations. No pressure. Just a 30 minute meeting to give you advice on what you can do to change your dog’s behavior.

What Happens At Your Consultation?

  • Private setting. Only you + your dog + our certified trainer.
  • 30 minutes undivided focus on your dog’s needs.
  • Clear, actionable training tips.
  • No cost. No obligation.

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Dogs Training Sessions

Texas showing off skills learned at 2-week Board & Train

Royce and Shasha practicing heel on 16th Street Mall in Denver

Off-leash sequence of commands at Home Depot

Our Guarantee To You…

Our Off-Leash K9 Training guarantee is straight-forward. First, reserve your free consultation at a date and time that works for you. Next, bring your dog and come talk to one of our certified off leash trainers about your dog’s unique needs. If you then sign up for a course and decide after the first training session that it’s not right for you and your dog, we will refund the full amount. What are you and your dog waiting for? Sit down with one of our trainers and address any concerns you may have! No cost. No obligation.

Types of Obedience Training On Sale

Bring in 3 or more cans of food to take advantage of this holiday sale

Basic Obedience $50 Off (new customers)

Our most popular dog training, this package covers a lot and works for any breed, any age.

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