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Kimberly is one of our newer trainers she started working at Off-Leash K9 Colorado in 2020. Her interest in dog training was nurtured from an early age by both her experience in fostering dogs growing up and her experience as a client of Off-Leash K9 with her own skittish dog.

New to Colorado, Kimberly has spent most of her life in Kansas City, Missouri close to her family. Throughout her childhood, she worked with several different humane societies, frequently handling Boxers and Dobermans, making her extremely familiar with the breeds to this day. Her family always had several animals of their own, but also consistently hosted 2-3 fosters at their home simultaneously. Often working with puppy mill dogs who were scared and traumatized after their rescue, she learned at a young age about the fundamentals of animal care, including how to approach a dog with both love and respect.

Kimberly leverages her firsthand experience with the Off-Leash K9 training program and her familiarity with animal care through fostering as she works with her clients. Through these experiences, she has concluded that the best way to start in any training program is to “learn what dogs need and not what we want,” ultimately resulting in success for both parties.

When working with new clients, Kimberly takes the time to understand three main pieces of information: “wants,” “needs,” and “goals.” She takes the time to build a trusting relationship with the dog so they want to work with her, ultimately evaluating them and recommending specific program(s) to the parents. In addition, she discusses the client’s routines, schedules, and lifestyle plus the dog’s background and existing knowledge to develop a plan for the best long-term training results.

Kimberly finds each dog’s transformation after training to be the most rewarding part of her job. Watching the dog grow through their behavioral issues and seeing the excitement of the clients when they discover a new, happier, and more fulfilling relationship with their dog makes even the most challenging situations worth it.

In her free time, Kimberly enjoys exploring her newfound Colorado home with her Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd Mix, Luna, and her Chihuahua mix, Meadow, both of whom enjoy the freedom of off-leash training.

Customer Testimonial

“I was super hesitant about the 4 sessions and the pricing but after working with Kim, she blew me away with her knowledge and how thorough she was with every detail on training my German Shepard. Off-leash is definitely worth it and I’ll be coming back for some advanced training in the future. 10/10 highly recommend.”

Ryan G