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Victoria has been with Off-leash K9 for over a year, bringing years of experience with her. Working with herding dogs and horses growing up, her motto is “the bigger the dog, the better.” Don’t let her small stature fool you – she’s comfortable handling dogs of all personalities and sizes! Having gone through the Off-leash K9 board-and-train program as a client, Victoria is able to provide a unique personal touch and firsthand knowledge to her training.

Victoria’s training style is “anything goes.” When meeting a new client, she asks in-depth questions about the dog and owner’s habits, routines, and problem behaviors, focusing on what the final “product” of the training program will be. Her “go with the flow” mentality allows her to adjust to the dog’s needs without a pre-prescribed notion of any situation, i.e., one client’s aggressive dog isn’t the same as another’s. Every dog is different, and Victoria approaches each with patience, resilience, and ultimately success.

In her free time, Victoria and her Doberman, Arrow, play lots of fetch and practice his nose work skills for competitions. He enjoys the extra-curriculars, and she loves spending the quality time with him.

Customer Testimonial

“We are getting ready to have a baby and have a 5-year-old pitbull we rescued 4 years ago. Due to aggressive behaviors, we were faced with the decision of “do we need to put our dog down before our human baby comes”, when a friend recommended Off-Leash K9. After our 4-week training with Victoria, we feel we have all the tools needed to safely bring our human baby home from the hospital. Our sweet pup has responded so well and is SO obedient now. A million stars to OffLeash – can’t recommend y’all enough!”

Kimmie B