Advanced Obedience Training

This training is for existing clients only. For new clients, please see our Basic Obedience Package.

Is this training for your dog?

For clients who have already passed our Basic Obedience course, we offer a range of additional training, allowing you to work with the trainer and your dog to achieve more advanced results. It including commands given off leash and at a distance of 50+ yards away. It also includes advanced standing, sitting and heeling options.

1 hour/lesson


Lessons Type:


One (1) hour per training session
$350 (additional fees apply for in-home lessons)
Lesson Type:
This is a private training
Lesson Qty:
Four (4) training sessions

What’s Included?

This package includes your choice of FOUR (4) of the following lessons:

  • Extended Distance Sit (your dog will be sitting on command from 50+ yards away from you)
  • Extended Distance Down (your dog will be downing on command from 50+ yards away from you)
  • Come to Heel (they come running, go around you and sit down right beside your left leg)
  • Watch (maintain eye contact with you until released)
  • Through (come around your right leg and sit between your legs)
  • Stand (they will assume a standing position on command)
  • Front (they will come running and sit directly in front of you no matter where they are)
  • Touch (they will run up and stand up against anything you point to)

Add any additional lessons for $100.00 each.


  • For existing clients ONLY. Dogs MUST have completed all four (4) Basic Obedience lessons before moving to the Advanced Package.
  • Be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.
  • Each lesson must be scheduled 1 week apart.

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