Puppy Orientation

Yes, puppies under 5 months old can be trained so give your dog the right start for a happy, obedient life. Bring us your puppy for a free consultation.

Is this orientation for your dog?

This Puppy Orientation Package is for one (1) private, 1-hour lesson and is the perfect way to start your puppy off on the right paw! Using reward based training, we’ll show you how to mold your puppy’s behaviors while learning basic commands, building confidence, and socializing.

1 hour/lesson


Lessons Type:


This is a 1-hour training
Lesson Type:
Private Lesson
Lesson Qty:
One (1) training session

What’s Included?

  • Basic command: come, sit, place, down
  • We will provide information and advice on reinforcing good behavior, house-breaking, and crate training.
  • We will also answer any questions you have about your new pup and his/her training.


  • Puppies must have their full round of puppy vaccines prior to starting these classes.
  • This package is for puppies under 5 months.

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