Basic & Advanced Obedience Training

Your dog will go from untruly and stubborn to an off leash rockstar with this all-in-one training package.

Is this training for your dog?

For those who really want their dog to be rock-stars! With this package, you work with the trainer and your dog to achieve lasting results. Included is everything listed in the basic curriculum, as well as extended distance work (dog is 50 to 100 yards away – you say sit or down and the dog knows to stop what it is doing and drops into a sit or down) and 3 additional commands of your choice which could be through, stand, touch, come to heel, or watch. This package includes: all four (4) of the Basic lessons and four (4) of the Advanced lessons, the e-collar and the 15-foot leash.

1 hour/lesson


A $1050 value!

Lessons Type:


One (1) hour per training session
$900  – A $1050 value!
Lesson Type:
This is a private training
Lesson Qty:
Eight (8) training sessions


  • Dogs must have their full round of vaccines prior to starting these classes.
  • This package is for puppies & dogs 5 months and older.
  • Be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.
  • Lessons must be scheduled 1 week apart.

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