Basic Obedience Dog Training

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Is this training for your dog?

This is our most popular training package! You’ll work privately with a dedicated trainer once a week for four weeks. Your dog will learn to listen for your commands, even among distractions. The price includes the e-collar, a 15-foot training leash, and all four (4) basic obedience lessons.

1 hour/lesson

15% off the regular price of $650

*Offer expires September 10th, 2021*

Lessons Type:


One (1) hour/lesson
15% off the regular price of $650 ** Offer expires September 10th, 2021
Lesson Type:
This is a private training
Lesson Qty:
Four (4) training sessions

What’s Included?

  • “Come”, “Sit” and “Extended Sit”
  • “Down” and “Extended Down”
  • “Place” and “Extended Place”. They will sit on a specific location that you point to (chair, park bench, etc)
  • “Heel” (stay at your side with a loose leash or off leash)
  • “Off” (to stop any unwanted behaviors, such as jumping, growling, counter-surfing, excessive barking, etc)

Get 15% off this Basic training program if you book by September 10th

Discount is only valid for new customers who sign up for the Basic Obedience program in Colorado Springs.

A look inside the Basic Obedience Lessons


  • Dogs must have their full round of vaccines prior to starting these classes.
  • This package is for puppies & dogs 5 months and older.
  • Be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.
  • Lessons must be scheduled 1 week apart.

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