How to take the perfect dog photo this Fall

Leaves changing. Pumpkins everywhere. Spooky creatures taking over the streets. The season for taking photos is here! Read on for our top tips for getting your pup ready for picture day. Just remember to give them a treat for their trick!

Where Should I Take my Photos?

Location, location, location! There are a ton of options for where you can take your photos. If your house is decorated, you’re one step ahead! Now all you need to do is check out the Off-Leash K9 FB page for snapshot inspiration.

If you are seeking more of a destination setting, try your local hardware store/garden center such as Home Depot or Lowes (don’t forget to call ahead to make sure they are pet-friendly!). Often, these places have festive decorations set up perfectly for photo ops, full of hay bales, scarecrows, and pumpkins.

Feeling even more adventurous? Check out a pumpkin patch or apple picking orchard – the action shots will be worth it for the price alone!

Two dogs among pumpkins and flowers

How do I Take the Perfect Photo?

  1. Remember: relaxed pets are the happiest pets! Make sure your dog has had proper exercise and is comfortable in the location you’ve chosen.
  2. Use toys and treats to grab their attention. Keep a treat or toy right above your camera (or wherever you want them to look). They’ll perk up and you’ll be able to keep their attention as long as you need – just be sure to reward them for being so photogenic.
  3. Use fun angles and highlight their personality! Try lying on the floor with them while you take their photo – get on your pup’s level for a brand new perspective. Is your dog mostly active or just really goofy? Try an action shot or catch them at their silliest, letting their personality shine through the snapshot.
  4. Use their Off-Leash K9 training. Your dog is trained to listen to you, no matter what you’re asking them to do. Now’s the time to use Sit and Extended Sit!

Skeleton and dogs

Should I Dress My Dog In a Costume? (Dos and Don’ts)

Do: Remember you don’t need a full-blown costume for the maximum cute factor. Some pets are the most photogenic when sporting festive bandanas, collars, bow ties, scarves, and even onesies! If your pup does have enough patience for a costume, get creative! Maybe you’ll find one that compliments yours. You know your dog best, so you know what he’ll tolerate best.

Don’t: Whatever you choose, make sure you prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort. Certain outfits might cause your dog to overheat or increase unnecessary stress. Remember, even if it’s cute and you want the perfect picture, if your dog is uncomfortable, you’ll be able to tell. Store-bought costumes can have awkward pinch points or cause overheating if you’re not careful. Watch for excessive panting or excessive scratching that might indicate some of these issues.

Remember: Happy pups are photogenic pups!




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