Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Happy Halloween everyone! Here at Off-Leash K9 we’re ramping up the fun and festivities with a list of some of our favorite costume ideas for your pup. Stay spooky!

Dog Costumes

If you’re looking for a costume for your furry friend, we have a few suggestions below.

  1. Number one on our list, the “pup-uccino.” This costume is fit for pups of all sizes (small through extra large)! The logo “cup” is soft and fits similar to a harness, and the straw cap ties on for a little added flair. The only other thing you need is your pug-kin… oops, pumpkin spice latte to match!
  2. Saddle up for option two! This cute cowboy costume is sure to bring smiles to everyone you know. Fitting like a standard harness, this outfit is comfy for your dog and super festive. With a plush cowboy sitting on top, it looks like your dog is bringing both the rodeo and the party to the costume contest.
  3. You know your pet is super, so why not show it to everyone else around you for Halloween? This Superman is available in extra-small to extra-large, or, if Wonder Woman is more your style, check out this one available in small to a triple extra-large.

Halloween costumes 1-3

Pup & Person Costumes

You and your dog are already a dynamic duo, right? Why not show that off by pairing up your costumes this Halloween?

  1. This option may be extra appealing if you have more than one dog. This set of ghost, skeleton, and pumpkin outfits are made from soft, t-shirt-like material. Pick your favorite for your pup(s) and pair it up with either a complimenting spooky item for the whole family, like a headless horseman, and turn the whole gang into a spooky crew!
  2. One of the most well-known duos in the entire galaxy, it’s hard to find a better pair than Han Solo and Chewbacca. The added bonus of this outfit is that the harness-style Chewbacca costume – with a hood! – will pair well with a homemade Han Solo costume (white shirt, black vest, black pants, and some boots should do the trick!)
  3. Perfect for all shapes and sizes, we think this perfect pair is going to be a real wiener, wait, winner… maybe both? Check it out: A hot dog costume for your pup, accompanied by their human in a hot-dog vendor outfit (red apron, white shirt, hot dog tray with treats for everyone).
  4. Another fun and simple option to keep your pup ultra-comfy, we present the lion mane costume, which will pair perfectly with a human “lion” tamer to boot.

Halloween costumes 4-6

Halloween Accessories

If you are into a simpler, minimalistic option that is simpler for both you and your pup, we have a few additional options for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Cartoon lovers rejoice! You can finally dress up your dog as everyone’s favorite (scaredy-cat) crime fighter: Scooby Doo! Scooby snacks not included.
  2. For those embracing their internal Disney fanatic, we suggest this polka-dot bow and ears.
  3. Yoda, you shall dress as. Halloween, it is for. (That’s Yoda-speak for “check out these Yoda ears as a perfect costume option for your dog!”)
  4. Finally, for an all-around festive and spooky option, we think that this ghostly bandana makes the perfect accessory.



Don’t forget, whichever costume you may pick for your pup, ensure that it is comfortable for them! The best ways to do this are to:

  1. Ensure you measure your dog properly for all costumes. To do this, use a measuring tape to measure around the middle of their neck and the broadest part of their chest.
  2. Look for pinch points, or Velcro straps that may rub. Try adding a buffer where it might itch, like a soft washcloth or a slightly looser fit.

Ultimately, you know your dog best, and if they seem uncomfortable or agitated in their costume, or if they struggle to walk or sit down, maybe opt for a different one. After all, there are plenty on the list to pick from!

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