Best Places for your Pup to Swim near Denver and Colorado Springs

Looking for a little wet and wild fun with your pup? Check out our favorite spots around Denver and the Springs that your water-loving dog is sure to enjoy.

In general, all park regulations require that dogs are:

  • well-trained, specifically voice-trained (perfect for practicing your Off-Leash K9 training!), and polite (e.g., well-socialized and non-aggressive)
  • in good health
  • supervised at all times
  • cleaned up after
  • fully vaccinated
  • spayed/neutered

If you have a situation that varies from any of the above requirements, click on the location link for more details or contact information to ask specific questions. Happy swimming!

Near Denver

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park, located southwest of Denver off Wadsworth and 470, boasts 69 acres of fenced, open space for pups. With two ponds and walking trails within the dog park area, your dog is free to roam with ample space to play.

The park offers both day passes and season passes at an affordable rate, and requests a limit of three dogs per handler.

Cherry Creek State Park

Located southeast of Denver off I-225 and Parker Road, Cherry Creek State Park features wide open spaces and a newly renovated area that allows for easier access to the water. This park also has a limit of three dogs per handler and offers day passes at either the entrance or self-serve stations.

Heads up: this park is very popular, so visiting at off-peak times is recommended, especially on busy holiday weekends!

Westminster Hills Dog Park

Located north of Denver, the Westminster Dog Park is a 420-acre, partially fenced area full of trees, water, and wide-open spaces that your dog is sure to love. Due to its size, the park attracts all types of dogs who are ready to run, fetch, and play off-leash.

Near Colorado Springs

Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek is a 25-acre park, located near I-25 and Cimmaron Street. It has a creek where dogs can wade and play. In addition, this popular dog park features an Agility Training Area and has a separate area for small and senior dogs who may prefer gentle play. There is also a water station for both drinking and washing dirty paws, making it truly a one-stop shop for every need you and your pup may have on your big day out.

You may even encounter one of our Off-Leash K9 trainers here as it is a park we often take the dogs for obedience training!

Stratton Open Space

Stratton Open Space, located in the Pike National Forest just south of Colorado Springs, offers 318 acres of space full of trails and wildlife perfect for walking. This park is also unique in that it has a fenced-in reservoir exclusively available for dog swimming.

Our clients Stormi & Millie enjoyed off-leash fun here during one of their training sessions and loved it.

Year-Round Swimming

Canine Reconditioning and Conditioning Group (CRCG) is a facility that, among other things, offers Colorado’s largest, year-round, indoor swimming pool for dogs. With locations in both Broomfield and Englewood, this indoor retreat offers multiple swim options, including shared and private reserved times and more. The facility offers a plethora of additional options for senior dogs, or dogs needing additional assistance. It’s the perfect place for all pups to enjoy some water play.


Need to enhance your verbal command skills for better off-leash play? Contact Off-leash K9 for more information on training packages today!

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