Quiz: Is Your Pooch Ready for “Take Your Dog to Work” Day?

Take Your Dog to Work Day happening Friday, June 21, a special day for canine companions to accompany their owners into the office instead of staying home alone. It’s no secret that dogs are social animals that may become anxious if left alone too much. Letting your furry friend accompany you to work may seem like the perfect solution if you work in a traditional office-setting. But, before you both enter those office doors, take our quiz to find out if your dog is ready for this indoor adventure.

Quiz – Part 1: Basic Questions

  1. Is your dog friendly and comfortable around strangers?
  2. Does your dog keep all four paws on the floor when greeting people (no jumping)?
  3. Does your dog easily settle in and relax in new environments?
  4. Will your dog exhibit non-destructive behavior around office furniture, equipment, papers etc.?
  5. Is your dog’s interaction with other dogs calm or playful, not reactive?
  6. Do you have 100% obedience with your dog?
  7. Is your dog potty trained?
  8. Will you have time for breaks to go out for a walk and potty?
  9. Will your dog have access to a water bowl in the office?
  10. Will your dog have a safe, quiet space to hang out if you have to step away for a meeting?
  11. Is he going to ignore anyone that enters your workspace if you are not there?

If you answered yes to all these questions, your dog is likely a good candidate to bring into the office. On to the next part of the evaluation:

Quiz – Part 2: Office policy

  1. Have you asked your HR-department if your office has a dog-friendly policy?
  2. Are all your co-workers comfortable with having a dog around?
  3. Have you ensured none of your colleagues have any pet allergies?

Quiz -Part 3: Know your dog

Nobody knows their dog as well as you. Just like dog parks can cause stress and anxiety for some dogs, not all canines will enjoy a day at the office. Your pooch may just prefer to snooze on the couch at home – you may have that same preference! Don’t bring your dog into work if you think it’ll cause anxiety or fear within your dog. Consider:

  1. Do you know the signs of stress your dog may exhibit, including excessive panting, inability to rest, lip-licking, yawning, tail low or tucked?
  2. Are you able to take your pup home early if needed?

If your answers to the above are still all YES, we wish you a fun day at the office with your furry companion on June 21st!  If there was a no, or two, or more, your pup simply isn’t ready yet. If this is the case and you still dream of being able to take your dog to work one day, call us at 888-363-0946. Or click here to schedule a free consultation to discuss how our obedience programs may help your dream become a reality.

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