Aaron started working with Off-Leash K9 as a Kennel Technician in March of 2021, and after a mountain of success in the role became a trainer in May of the same year.

Aaron’s love for dogs started young, having them around as long as she can remember. As a jumping off point for what would become her current career, Aaron volunteered at a local animal shelter and, soon after, a doggy daycare. In both roles, Aaron learned the “ins and outs” of dog care and dog behavior, both of which would become integral to her training position with Off-Leash K9.

When working with Aaron, you can expect to start with a dive deep into your lifestyle, including routines and hobbies and persons of importance with whom you generally interact. Do you have kids? Elderly people or those with disabilities? All will be taken into consideration when setting training goals and desired results for your dog. Aaron knows the importance of looking at the overall lifestyle of a family and working the needs of dog’s behavior so it aligns with that, instead of training a dog without conception of the family’s lifestyle. Aaron looks at each client and their dog as a brand new set of goals to accomplish, and she knows that it’s her job to tailor her training practices to them, as well as the needs and struggles of their unique dog. Aaron takes the time to find what is special and unique in every dog and client she meets, so expect to be treated as such in your training.

Aaron truly has a passion for this work – in her own words: “I love my job because I get to make a difference. Growing the bond between client and dog through training is so rewarding because I get to watch a more bonded and confident family walk away knowing human and dog are going to live more fulfilled lives. And I do believe dog slobber cures sadness! 😊”

In her free time, Aaron likes to explore. Whether it’s a new food, a new drink, or a new place, you can be sure she’s checking it out.