Meet Cierra! A Trainer at Off-Leash K9’s Colorado Springs campus, Cierra has been training dogs with us since May 2021. Before starting at Off-Leask K9, Cierra spent her time learning her way around canines by working as both a dog walker and pet sitter in both Colorado Springs and Washington D.C. This experience has familiarized her with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, perfectly preparing her to step into a role as a trainer with us.

When working with a new client, Cierra likes to take a slower and methodical approach, taking her time to get to know both the client and their dog so that they can pinpoint the issues that the client wants to address first. When working with her, you can expect (among other great qualities) thoroughness and focus.

Be prepared to describe, in detail, the issues you are struggling with and the long-term goals and visions you have for your dog. Don’t be afraid to hold back any detail! All information is helpful when coming up with a training plan. Once goals are identified, Cierra tailors each lesson around what you need and want from your dog, focusing on accomplishing these goals so that you are set up for long-term success with your four-legged friend.

In her free time, Cierra enjoys hiking and participating in dog-related sports like bikejoring (not familiar? Think “dog-powered mountain biking”), dogsledding, and barn hunting. She has three rescue pups of her own, a sharpei-lab mix, a border collie-corgi mix, and a shepherd mix, all of whom are named after Disney characters: Sulley, Max, and Lilo.

Customer Testimonial

“Ciara worked another miracle! Our 8 month old Golden was a wiggling tornado. She knocked over furniture and people and anything else in her way. Her jumping and nipping were out of control. But 2 weeks wiht Ciara and we got back a calm loving puppy. We had already had one success story so we are repeat customers. Ciara is the sweetest most dedicated trainer. Definately recommend with 2 thumbs and 8 paws up!”

Laura M