Meet Dan! Dan has been working with us at the Denver Off-Leash K9 location for six months now, but his tenure in the animal care industry started over ten years ago where he worked boarding and pet-sitting at a small pet store in Yankton, South Dakota. His journey from there took him into dog training, where he worked at national brand pet store, leading both private lessons and group training classes.

When working with a new client, Dan likes to focus on methods that he knows work best for each individual dog. After years of observing and supervising dogs’ mannerisms and continuing that practice into his current technique now with each client, Dan is able to develop a solid training foundation and starting point for each dog. Specifically, Dan looks to see if a dog is underconfident, stubborn, etc. He also spends time discovering what motivates your dog so he can build the best game plan tailored to their personality, including incorporating rewards like toys, treats, affection, and more.

In Dan’s own words: “I fell in love with training when I realized how much my dog loved me. I can never repay him for his unconditional, never-ending love. He helped me when I was in a very low place in life. I owe him the world and want to share the joy he’s brought me by teaching other pet parents how to meet their dog’s true and full potential.”

In his free time, Dan makes music and plays video games. On his days off, nothing is more rewarding than being with his own dog, going for a walk/hike or teaching him a new behavior or trick.

Customer Testimonial

“The basic obedience class was just what my pup needed! Dan was so great working with her and answering all my questions when I had them. Being able to walk my dog without her pulling has been a lifesaver! She made so much progress in just four short weeks.”

Mackenzie B