Gustavo (Goose)

Gustavo (Goose) has been a trainer with Off-leash K9 since 2015, bringing with him over a decade of experience and numerous certifications. For Goose, training is a lifestyle and he eagerly works with all of his clients on their schedules – even if it means coming into work on his days off. Outside of his passion for the work, his technical credentials include an AKC Examiner, a Good Citizen Certification, and a Therapy Certification, an assortment of continued education seminars, and years of foster and volunteer experience. He is also currently pursuing an additional five-month master certification for dog training and handling as well.

When working with new clients, Gustavo prioritizes getting to know the owners, their goals, and their routines and behaviors (in addition to their dog’s, of course). Since dogs don’t speak English, it’s important for him to communicate to the owners that training is like learning a new language that clients can use with their animal. He focuses on training the dog according to the client’s envisioned results, then spends time “training” the owner how to use the newfound skills.

Goose and his dog Chopper, a Cane Corso/Italian Mastiff mix, love spending time together at work, where he uses him as a helper when training. When they aren’t at work, they take advantage of all of the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer. Goose also enjoys spending time with his wife and pursuing other interests, such as cooking, grilling, reading, watching television, and learning about the world around him. As he says, “you’re only as big as your own universe.”

Customer Testimonial

“I sent my out-of-control year old Corso, Kluse, to Gustavo for the 2 week B&T program. I was sent pictures and videos of his progress. He went from a distrustful, aggressive, non-listening puppy to an attentive controllable puppy. Gustavo and trainers spent lots of time working with Kluse and it was absolutely amazing to see the transformation just within that short period of time. He was also very up front on how my type of dog will need work and training for the rest of his life. THE BEST!”

Malia M