Lila joined the Off-Leash K9 team in February of 2021. Equipped with a zoology degree from CSU – and ultimately aiming to pursue veterinarian science – she is unafraid of anything a dog throws at her (in weight and in personality!).

In addition to her schooling, Lila’s credentials include completing the Off-Leash K9 training program and internship with the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Her personable demeanor and engaging personality compound on her experience to make it easy for her to relate to all of her clients, dogs and humans alike.

Equipped with both knowledge and experience of animals’ tendencies toward unpredictability, she knows that you can never really predict a dog’s reaction to any new experience. So, when meeting a new client for the first time, she uses a slow and cautious approach, but never skimps on the energy quotient. She teaches the dog to understand that training is not a punishment, it’s a new way of life. Lila is an open communicator from start to finish and makes sure she explains her response and methodology to the pup’s parents every step of the way.

Lila knows that a family’s dog is more than just a pet, they’re family. She loves helping clients redefine the love between them and their animal, encouraging positive coexistence in the home. Her favorite part of her job is being able to spend so much time with her clients and watching how they change – especially in the two-week program. The communication skills improve so much it provides a tangible feeling of accomplishment. She also loves traveling and watching a dog work in real-world situations.

When she’s not working, Lila loves crafting (cross stitch and crochet, mostly) and spending time with her friends and family in Colorado.

Customer Testimonial

“To be honest I wasn’t sure how it was going to go when we first met the trainers, our dog was being a stinker barking jumping almost knocking them and us over by pushing against us. To say the least, I was so embarrassed how he was acting. As soon as we met Lila for our first session she won us over and our pup. He listened within 20 minutes of us being there and was doing great at everything she asked. We enrolled our pup in the basic obedience package and he did so well. We owe it all to Lila!”

Connie C