Moriah has been trainer with Off-Leash for six years, starting with us after working as an independent trainer. Drawn to the industry after training her own dogs, she has since pursued extensive secondary training, including: an Offleash K9 Certification, Breed History Certification, and K9 Good Citizenship Evaluations and is pursuing an AKC Certification . She currently completing an International Association for Canine Professionals (IACP) Certification.

Moriah welcomes her new clients and their dogs with a “clean slate” mentality and an abundance of patience and communication. Though she is an expert on breeds, she understands that each dog comes with personality nuances that may deviate from standard breed behaviors. After building trust with both dog and owner, she establishes basic training knowledge and builds a training ‘game plan’ that aligns with the dog’s existing training and client’s goals. Each situation is unique, and Moriah knows that keeping open lines of communication is key to a successful training program.

In her free time, Moriah enjoys spending time adventuring in Colorado with her two dogs, a German Shepherd/Husky mix named Khaleesi and a Doberman named Kainn. She also is in constant pursuit of furthering her education in the training world, finishing her certifications and learning from her community of trainers – even on her days off!

Customer Testimonial

“Moriah did an excellent job with my Stubborn German Shepherd. I would do all over again. It’s great to have a dog with manners finally. We can now enjoy our dog instead of making excuses for her behavior. THANK YOU MORIAH.”

Todd J