Sean H

Please help us welcome Sean to the team! Sean has worked with us at the Off-Leash K9 Denver location since early 2022, bringing with him years of experience working with dogs of all kinds.

One of Sean’s first jobs was working as a Pet Hotel Associate, caring for the animals as they boarded away from their families. After that, he built his own private training practice, servicing the dog training needs of his friends, friends of friends, and family, citing that it was the only job he ever had that he ever truly enjoyed.

When working with a new client, Sean opts for a more conscientious and almost spiritual approach to the training. He knows that an animal’s own conscious dictates their entire world, regardless of what we as humans may see. Sean therefore views every new client as “a beautiful opportunity to shape a whole world…” He focuses on this opportunity and the chance to build an unrivaled level of trust, which is the foundation of any training work he offers. Once started, Sean focuses on the continuous construction of a respectful relationship withing the confines of rules and systems for each family’s needs.

Sean also acknowledges that owning a dog (and in that same vein training a dog) is an immense responsibility, as it is the foundation of their whole life. As he says, “what kind of a life would like to give your dog? What kind of world would you like to create?” Additionally, his personal motto is to never ask more than he is willing to give. And training-wise? “I am just lucky because dogs always return that in tenfold.”

In his free time, Sean likes to get out and take full advantage of the opportunities around him. Whether that means getting wild at a concert, watching a movie at home with color-coordinated flashing LED lights, or walking along Cherry Creek Reservoir Dog Park with his dogs, if it’s a good time, he’s there!

Customer Testimonial

“I worked with Sean at K9 and had a great experience. He was communicative, my dog loved working with him, and super supportive through the process. Thanks Sean!”

Rebecca P

Sean H