12 Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs – Top Picks from our Trainers

Dogs love getting new toys or treats as much as anyone else, if not more! Here, we round up our Offleash K9 Colorado trainers favorite things to surprise your furry friend with this holiday season. Enjoy!

We are not paid by any retailers for including them in this list.

Moriah Turner – Head Trainer Colorado Springs Kennel

“I am recommending the KONG Holiday Cozie Reindeer Dog Toy. This toy is adorable, more durable than most plushies, and doesn’t make a huge mess if you dog likes to tear them up!”
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Chris Wells – Trainer at Colorado Springs North

“My recommendation for a Christmas present for your dog is the Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball. It’s great for medium to large breeds that love to fetch.”
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Stevi Anderson – Head Trainer Denver North

“The toy I’m recommending is the Nylabone Dental Dinosaurs. This durable toy is great for powerful chewers and the small nubs on the bone act as a dental cleaner for your dog’s teeth.”
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Derek McAllister – Manager Denver

“Want your pup to join in on the feast this Christmas? Of course, certain human foods can be bad for your dog. Here is a great alternative to have your dog feast with you! Try adding canned chicken, canned tuna or cook up a fried egg to your dogs meal over the holidays. Be sure to pick the cans that have the chicken or tuna in water and if possible reduced or no sodium.

Sarah Perry – Denver North Trainer

“I recommend the durable Kong Frisbee. I grew up playing Frisbee with my dog and watching her jumping magic was beyond entertaining. Prolong the fun by having a Frisbee that is durable and can withstand your pups brilliant bite. ‘Made with durable KONG Classic rubber, the Flyer won’t hurt a dogs teeth during fun games of fetch and catch.’”
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Bernard Ayon – Colorado Springs North Trainer

“This year I am recommending the BARK Christmas Bulbs dog toy. These pup-friendly Christmas lights come in three shimmery colors, with a squeaker in each bulb!!! This toy makes great for games of fetch or tug-o-war Season’s Treating!!!!
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Craig Martin – Denver North Trainer

“I’d have to go with every dog’s favorite – the Kong Holiday Wubba Rope Tug Toy. Good for fetching, thrashing, flossing and good ol’ fashioned tug-o-war-ing. As an owner of 3 dogs, it’s nice to have a toy that all of the boys can tug on all at once. AND IT SQUEAKS!”
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Wendy McAllister – Colorado Springs Manager

“I’m going to recommend toys with no stuffing, like the ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys. I have found the last longer, they are easy to wash and they are not expensive.”
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Amerissa Theofilou – Colorado Springs Kennel Trainer

“I’m recommending Redbarn peanut butter filled bones – they’re great for keeping your pup entertained and last for a long time! Redbarn bones don’t splinter easily and the filling doesn’t make a mess of your floors. My dog can’t get enough of them!!”
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Gustavo “Goose” Garcia – Head Trainer Colorado Springs North

“I recommend Leerburg’s Jute Bite Pillow. Tugging is a great way to build confidence and play drive into your dog, it is also a great way to exercise your pup.“
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Jonathan Chiles – Trainer Colorado Springs Kennel

“Take it from me, that has a dog with a crazy high ball drive, and loves to destroy any toy I seem to get him within a matter or hours not days. The Grreat Choice Geode Tennis Ball Dog Toy is a great durable and surprisingly affordable toy that can keep your dog going for hours, and can stand up to the worst toy monsters!”
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Yvonne Millar – Head Trainer Denver South

The Foobler is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder that delivers food for up to 9 hours. It’s a great product for people that need to leave their pups for an extended period of time. It’s a smart feeder for dogs that keep them engaged mentally and physically throughout the day. It’s difficult to destroy and is an affordable toy that will provide your pup with fun for a long time!”
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