2022 Dog-Friendly Activity Calendar

It’s time to kick off 2022, and in honor of the new year, we’ve made a list of activities (one for every month) for you and your pup to enjoy together. Happy adventuring!


Kick-off the new year in full force with some active outdoor adventuring. Bring your pup along for outdoor excursions like snowshoeing or skijoring (a cross country-style activity where your dog helps pull you). Check out a few different location options here and here for inspiration on how to get started.


For a more laid-back activity and chance to escape the bitter cold that likes to accompany February, why not try a crafting project that gives back to your community? Take some cues from Pinterest (like this!) and get some paw-safe paint to create paw-print valentine’s cards. Once you have a few (depending on your pup’s patience), collect them and drop them off at a local nursing home for the residents to enjoy. Always call ahead and be sure to ask about visiting rules.


March is traditionally the snowiest month in Colorado, which gives you plenty of opportunities to play outdoor winter games with your pup! Turn the cold and snow into a winter wonderland with just a little practice and creativity. We’ve listed a few of our favorite activities to inspire you here, including snowball fetch, snowy scavenger hunt, and four others.


When the snow starts to fade and the ground starts to thaw, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your spring garden. As it works out, most local home improvement/garden centers are pet-friendly, and the perfect place to take your pooch for some fun socialization adventures! Always call ahead first, but once you get the “ok,” go together to pick out new planters and flowers for your garden and celebrate the approach of spring!


As the weather keeps warming up, it’s the perfect time to dust off your bike and get back in the saddle! Refresh yourself on tips and tricks for having your dog join you on a bike ride (including equipment and safety) with our blog here.


Time to kick off the summer season with a splash! What better way to relax and spend quality, outdoor time with your furry friends than a swim? We’ve compiled some of our favorite dog-friendly locations here.


Road trips, whether a day trip or drive across state lines, are a classic summer favorite. Make memories, share laughs, and embark on new adventures, including your dog. Here are a few handy tips and tricks to keep everyone happy and comfortable on the road.


What better way to spend the summer than with a camping trip? Enjoy all the sunshine and fresh air Colorado has to offer with an outdoor excursion, and definitely bring your pup. New sights, new smells, outdoor adventures, and snuggles all make for a fun experience full of quality time. Still new to camping with your pup, or need a quick refresher on the basics? Check out our tips here.


We love September in Colorado. There’s a hint of a season change in the weather and the colorful scenery is starting to show off with the changes in the leaves. This is the perfect month for a Fall hike with your pup. Take advantage of all that our beautiful state has to offer, starting here with our favorite hiking spots.


Enjoy the crisp, fall weather with a trip to your local dog park. Between the fresh air, exercise, and socialization, this activity is a home run for your pup and a great opportunity for reinforcing their training too. Make sure you refresh yourself on a few of the most important commands here – they’ll keep you and your pup safe and happy when interacting with everyone.


With weather being a bit more unpredictable this time of year, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy quality time with your pup. Our recommendation? Get out and about inside and ease the Daylight Savings slump with some football and friends (both human and of the furrier variety) at a dog-friendly spot. Here’s our list of favorites, including restaurants, breweries, and sports bars, across the Front Range.


For a fun way to end the year, check out your local pet store to see if they offer holiday pet photoshoots. Many Petsmart stores, for example, offer free photos with Santa! Do a little online research and book your spot for a fun, often funny, memory with your pet.

And that’s a wrap! While this is just a shortlist of activities you can do, remember that the list of activities with a well-trained dog is endless! Are you ready to open up a new realm of possibilities with you and your pup? Call Off-Leash K9 today for a free consultation!


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