7 everyday situations made easier with the “Place” command

There’s no question our dogs need guidance to fit into our hectic family lives. Teaching basic obedience makes for a happy and stress-free environment, both in and outdoors.

So if your dog is a relentless tornado of energy, the “place” command can be a real lifesaver in those everyday situations. Just think, how much easier would life be if your dog learns to settle for a determined period on demand?

Your dog’s “place” can even be a washcloth or a popsicle stick you can bring out wherever you go. When you give the command and place the item down, your dog will sit calmly until they’re released.

Sounds perfect, right?

In fact, “place” is one of the core commands we teach our clients and their dogs here at Offleash K9 Training Colorado.

Here are 7 situations where the “place” command is a godsend in our daily lives.

1. When the doorbell rings

How does your dog react when someone knocks your front door? If your dog jumps up, barks or bolts for the door, the “place” command offers them a safe place to settle.

This gives you the opportunity to greet guests without the added chaos. Then when everyone is relaxed, you can release your dog to say a calm hello.

2. When going out for the day

Family days out can quickly spiral out of control if you have a bouncy, excitable dog on your hands. If you’re going to a dog-friendly restaurant, a friend’s house, or having a picnic in the park, “place” will quickly show your dog energetic or attention-seeking behavior is not wanted in this situation.

3. When doing household chores

Filling the dishwasher is much harder when your dog sees it as the perfect opportunity for a sneaky treat. The “place” command is ideal when you need to get your dog out from under your feet.

Whether you’re vacuum-cleaning your home, putting away the laundry or catching up on some ironing. You can be sure those four paws will stay put while you carry out those daily duties.

4. To curb excitement levels

If you’re at the park, the “place” command is effective if your dog is getting too boisterous with other dogs. This simple command acts as a short timeout while your dog calms down.

This can also work well to encourage calmness when around small children. If you see your dog is getting overly enthusiastic, you can send them to their place to decompress and regain composure.

5. When it’s time for bed

If your dog often paces around your home late at night, the “place” command tells them it’s time for bed.

No more running around or throwing ball when you’re ready to relax. Your dog will have a clear cue to settle down for the night.

6. When you’ve dropped something dangerous

If you drop glass or medication on the floor, you need to keep your dog out of harm’s way while you clean up. By giving the “place” command they’ll settle on their spot and away from danger until it’s safe again.

7. During dinner time

Does your dog beg for food when you sit down for a family meal? If they’re running through your legs or jumping up at the table, this can make meal times rather stressful and distracting. Teaching “place” ensures your dog stays away from the dinner table so you can enjoy your meal. When you’re all finished they’re free to enjoy your company again.

Mastering “Place”

“Place” and “Extended Place” (stay on place until released) are two commands we teach as part of our Basic Obedience and Board and Train programs. We train the dogs to sit on any location that you point to: bed, towel, chair, park bench, even a boulder!

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