Holiday Gift Giving Guide… for your Dog!

It’s our favorite time of the year! Time to spoil our four-legged friends for being the good boys and girls they are. This year we’ve compiled a list of our 15 favorite presents, from both commercial and small-business owners. From the athletic to the cozy, we’ve got your one-stop shopping list right here.

For the Chew Toy Lover

In general, the denser the rubber chew toy, the longer it’ll last for those that love to chew on everything. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. This hefty grenade-style toy with lots of ridges to chew (or maybe hide peanut butter treats in). Added bonus: it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  2. This chew toy that is available in fifteen different style options, including deer horn, stick, and bone shapes. As an added option, some are available in two-packs with mint flavors for that pesky bad breath. Sizes range from extra small to large, so no matter what you’ll find the perfect size and shape for your pup!
  3. This handmade chew toy made from recycled fire hose. It’s a best seller at its Etsy shop, and we’ve seen them last for years, even with the most aggressive chewer.

For the Brainiac

  1. This cube-shaped puzzle toy filled with tennis balls that will certainly pique your pooch’s interest and keep them entertained for even longer than a game of fetch!
  2. These stuffed toys that are actually puzzles, encouraging your pup to get the smaller squeaky toys out of the bigger one. As a bonus, they’re all food-themed including: milk and cookies, blueberry pancakes, a fried chicken bucket, and more!

For the Food-Driven Dog

  1. This Kong-style chew toy/treat dispenser that is sure to hold the attention of the most chew-happy, food-motivated dogs.
  2. This combination puzzle and treat dispenser that comes in three levels of difficulty, keeping them interested and their brains stimulated for hours of fun.
  3. These bacon snickerdoodle dog treats, lovingly handmade from a small business and solely for your dog’s happiness.

For the Outdoorsy Type

  1. This bougie dog cabin so your pup feels like he’s living a life of luxury in his own private mountain chalet-style house.
  2. This covered and raised cabana for the summery months, when cooler shady spots are the place to relax.
  3. These durable hiking booties for the most adventurous pups, ready to tackle the trails with their pet parent.

For the Playful Pup

  1. This monkey tug-of-war toy, for when you want to play together.
  2. This 12-pack of food-themed plush chew toys, so your pet can enjoy a feast of their own, without the dangerous side-effects that can come with people food.

Just for Fun

  1. Who can resist this set of matching loungewear for you and your pup? The multi-colored patterns are stylish and sure to please even the most discerning fashionistas.
  2. This aromatherapy candle, handmade with two different scent options just for Fido’s next spa day.

Which ones on the list made it into your dog’s stocking? Maybe instead you opted into the gift that keeps on giving for both you and your pup with an Offleash K-9 training package? Whatever you decided, we want to wish you a safe and joyful start to the holiday season. Happy shopping!

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